Ways to connect to the internet at stops on the run

If the location has internet

The easiest is to use the location's wi-fi if available. If they have internet but no wi-fi you could bring a router and hook it up to their internet service, creating your own wi-fi.

If they don't have internet

Many people have mobile internet through a variety of services.

1. A mobile hotspot. These often can connect up to 5 wireless internet connections.
2. Broadband Card that plugs into a USB port.
3. Aircard - basically the same as a mobile hot spot.
4. Some phones now serve as a mobile hot spot that can run several devices wirelessly.
5. There are apps for Smartphones that will allow your phones internet to run on your laptop. Here are a few sites

PDA NET applications to use your phone to provide your laptop with internet http://junefabrics.com/index.php

Easytether is another app to use your phone to connect your computer to the internet http://easytether.org/

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