Tips on Managing Your Run

Using RunWiz is easy; all you need is a computer and internet access!

Before the Run

Check out your stops for internet access prior to the event. If there is internet access at certain stops but Wi-Fi is not available, you can use a router to provide internet access to multiple computers (you should test this before the run date to make sure it reaches where you will be set up). If internet access is not available at a stop, use a wireless broadband source (card, USB plug in or wireless hotspot, See ways to connect to internet for more help, again pre-test to make sure it works).

Familiarize your crew that will be registering riders and entering scores with the site so they feel comfortable when the rush of riders show up.

Arrange to have power at your table in case your battery starts to run low. Bring an extension cord and power strip. You might have to use duct tape to tape the extension cord down if it is run through an area where there will be foot traffic. You don't want it getting kicked out or people tripping on it.

Only give out your rides user name and password to people working the stops. You don't want people changing scores.


If you have pre-registration you can enter participants into the game in advance by logging into your game. Click on Add Participant and fill out the Name and Participant ID and then submit.

Prepping for Registration

Pre-number your registration sheets and paper scorecards. All participants need a participant ID number. This will save numbering confusion during registration. Pre-numbering is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Scorecards and Paper Backup

We recommend you have a paper backup in case one of your stops has internet problems. The standard scorecard can serve as your backup. Scorecard should include name and ID number (this also makes it easy for your volunteers to find them in the game by typing in the ID number into the search box), a numbered space for each stops card or roll (I.e. stop 1, stop 2 etc.) a place for officials initials to verify score next to each stops card or score. This way if there is a problem where someone or their score is not showing up you can simply add them or their score. You could also keep a sheet at the stop with rider numbers listed and write down their score or card next to their number as a master log to reference in case there is a dispute.

During The RunRegistration

Have Participants fill out your pre-numbered registration form, pay and give them their pre numbered scorecard along with whatever other materials you give them, Then they proceed to draw their first card or roll their dice. Your official writes it on their scorecard and initials it, and enters them and their first score into the system online. Note. If your run doesn't have them roll or draw a card at registration you can just enter their name and number into system.

To find the rider quickly, enter the participant ID number or first three letters of their first or last name into the search box and hit enter. A list of all riders that match will appear and you can add the score to the appropriate person.

To see who is leading or to track how far your participants have gotten Simply click on “Rank It/ Refresh”. This takes you to the overall scoreboard with the latest scores, and you can see how many stops people have been to.

If Internet is not available at a stop or you're short on laptops you have a few options. You can write down the card or roll on their paper scorecard and initial. Then have the crew at the next stop enter it into the system. You could even just enter all the scores at the last stop and just let RunWiz rank everything for you. DICE RUNS ONLY -You can enter all scores on a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet which you can upload into RunWiz or manually enter scores into RunWiz off of the spreadsheet.

You may want to print out a final score to post at the party. If the location doesn't have a printer you might want to bring one. You can export scorecard for an easy print version.

Equipment and accessories that aren't required but may help things go smoothly:

Use multiple laptops, particularly at Registration for larger runs A flat panel monitor facing your participants so they can see that you are entering things correctly or to show scoreboard. You can also connect your laptop to a TV at the stop if available.
Power strip Extension Cords
Computer mouse(s) for laptops Copy of user manual
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