Why Use Runwiz.com

Life is about to get a lot easier when it comes to determining the winners of your Poker and Dice runs. RunWiz is easy to use and gives you Instant Online scoring. It Ranks riders Scores from best to worst. When the ride is over, you know who the winners are. No more wasting time trying figure out the winners, just get on with awarding prizes and enjoy the event!

Here's how easy it is to use. Add a rider's first and last name and a rider ID number. If drawing a card at sign up you can select a card. When selecting a card a Box opens up with all 52 cards. Simply click on the card drawn and it's entered into the rider's hand. Hit enter or submit and you are on to the next rider.

At the stops, from the scoreboard page enter the riders Id number in the search box and their name will show alone. Click on box for appropriate card and the same box of 52 cards opens until you select the card drawn. Then you're ready to enter the next rider's number into the search box and repeat process.

To see whose leading or even to check to see how far along the riders are click on the Rank and refresh tab for the latest scores. When the ride is over you will have your winners right before your eyes.

For dice runs the process is the same with the exception of selecting a card. You instead just type in the total roll for each stop and RunWiz will do all of the math and Rank by high score.

Thanks for checking out Runwiz.com, the easiest way to score your Dice and poker runs.

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